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Marcell & Matt

We believe every community has a culture and many cultures are identified through their food and we want to celebrate many of those cultures. We want to make it easy for you to enjoy the different cultures, flavors, concepts, and ideas of people of color in American and throughout the world. We want to help make It easy for you to connect the culinary experience being created from people of color and the beauty of their communities.

TasteBuddz wants to connect friends with great food and to help make new friends within the amazing world of culinary arts. If you want to try a new cuisine from an up and coming talented cook or a legendary chef of color, if you want to grab a quick bite to eat or have an intense sweet- tooth TasteBuddz wants to help connect you to the right place. TasteBuddz is founded by, Marcell Russell and Matthew Johnson, two friends, fathers, and husbands from completely different backgrounds. Matt is from Denver and Marcell is born and raised in Baltimore. They spent years in the urban communities wanting to support many minority businesses but they did not know either where to find these restaurants or who deserved their hard working money. After years of asking around they figured if they were having challenges finding black owned restaurants to experience maybe others did as well. Marcell began compiling data of black owned restaurants and shortly after Matt agreed to support Marcell's passion. So, they decided to build a site that made it a little easier to bring together great cuisines with those looking for new experiences.

Our desire is to make sure the information about the restaurants reliable and current so we can use your help. If you notice a place that we have listed but it has since been upgraded, closed, expanded to multiple locations etc. let us know. The restaurants that are noted as "verified" we will made most visible to help minimize incorrect information because the last thing we want is for you to be eager about supporting restaurants that don't value your time, money and support or even worst to have restaurant owners overlooked that deserve your business. It is a little more challenging to verify business outside the US and throughout the world but we will do our best to make sure those restaurants even in other countries are accurate.