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TasteBuddz.net is the leading and most comprehensive directory of Black-owned restaurants and eateries in the US and the world. Whether you're traveling for work or meeting a friend, Tastebuddz.net is here to help you connect with great culinary establishments in your area. We identify culinary professional that provide places to meet for social gatherings, birthdays, or a place to just hang out and collect your thoughts. With thousands of Black-owned businesses listed and counting, it's our goal to match you with the exact type of dining experience you're looking for in your area and abroad.

If you're a Black-owned culinary business and you are looking to the Internet to find new customers, we can help! Our goal is simple; create the most user-friendly marketplace for owners of African descent to promote their culinary business to the masses. We're working daily to improve our offerings to create the best experience possible. Please email info@tastebuddz.net to learn more about how we can help grow your business on Tastebuddz.net!


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